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Zaya Yoga in Aspen, CO, is excited to help you love your body and guide you through the ancient practice of yoga. Our beneficial classes will improve strength, balance, and endurance in your body and leave you feeling accomplished with what you’ve achieved during practice. Visit our yoga studio today to become a member or speak with one of our yoga instructors by calling (970) 927-1230

vimana yoga

Welcome to the practice of
Vimana Yoga!

This book will be your in-depth guide to five styles of practice, ranging from Yin classes to dynamic vinyasa flow fitness-based classes. With over 120 full-color photo pages and full-length sequences, the authors illustrate and provide detailed instructions, teaching you how to build and get the most out of your practice.

All of the classes are designed so you can make them more or less challenging depending on your ability level. In the greater scheme of yoga, the depth with which you go into a posture becomes less important. We will encourage you to practice wisely and put your attention on your intention. When we loosen effort, the postures and the practice help us tap into our greater flow and we begin to experience success on and off the mat.

This book is here to support your inner teacher and provide the base for a healthy, well-rounded personal practice. It is also intended to support your outer teacher who shares these practices with your students. Bel Carpenter and Emily Longfellow have been teaching, training teachers, and running studios since 1997 and offer 50- to 500-hour Vimana Yoga teacher trainings throughout the United States and in Canada. Their wish is that this practice, and the principles that it adheres to, be widely accessible so that anyone can experience the profound benefits of yoga.

Inclusive Classes

Our yoga studio is dedicated to creating a comfortable environment for all yogis. We’re a place for both students and teachers to join in practice. With over 20 years of experience, our certified yoga instructors have the knowledge to immerse new students into a welcoming and warm practice.

A Personal Touch

At Zaya Yoga, our mission is to guide our students to a place of inner peace and strength. We understand that the body has its limitations. Always offering words of encouragement, our skilled yoga instructors include modifications to poses so yogis at all levels can participate in our energizing flow.

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